We are asking Walkers to raise funds for themselves among family, friends, coworkers, etc with a goal of raising $10 per day for the Walk. This money will go toward Walk expenses like food, lodging, logistics, etc. People who walk only for one day are encouraged but will not be required to raise money. And all participants are welcome regardless of ability to raise money. Also, of course, if you can raise more than $10 per day. We can use the money. Our actual costs are about $20/person /day.

Two of our Walkers, Lyn Shaw of Middletown, CT and Steve Norris of Fairview, NC, recently shared the fund raising letters they are using to introduce this project to family and friend which we are reprinting below. Feel free to borrow in word or in spirit. It’s very simple to ask for someone to sponsor us for just one day and it is an opportunity for us to start a conversation about why we believe the ACP shouldn’t be built.

(Note:  at the bottom of this page is a colorful flyer that you may want to use. To grab it, just right click on the image and select “Save image as…”)

From Lyn Shaw:

Dear Friends and Family:

The above attachment will explain some of my March plans. Between March 4 and 19 I will walk across North Carolina with a group of friends. The walk, along the route of the dangerous Atlantic Coast Pipeline, has been in the planning stages for many weeks. Three of the planners are former acquaintances- Steve Norris, Kendall Hale and Greg Yost. They were among those who planned the Walk for the Grandchildren between Harpers Ferry WVA and Washington, D.C.a few years back.
Here we go again…on another walk! The times have only become more dangerous since the election of DJT. However, our resistance from every quarter continues at an even deeper level. Every step we take to oppose the questionable policies and orders that emerge each day from the Oval Office is vitally important.
Some of you are aware of my plans and have been helping me in various ways. Madlyn has offered to drive me from her Virginia home to the beginning point of the walk on the border of VA and NC; Jenn is mailing my inflatable mattress to Madlyn; Ginny is buying me cotton socks to wear in my sleeping bag at night; Evelyn is accompanying me to buy a tent at REI; Louise is driving me to the train station in New Haven, CT and picking me up over two weeks later in Old Saybrook, CT. Several of you have already sent checks to NC WARN, the fiscal sponsor of the Walk. Others have, importantly, cheered me on!
I’m writing now to enlist further help widely. By pledging some amount toward each mile that I walk you will be part of this action against yet another fracked gas pipeline, a pipelne that has been called the DAPL- Dakota Access Pipeline- of the East. The funds being raised by each walker will be used for everything from food and permits to porta potties. Please help.
Send me an email with the amount that you pledge (“I pledge to contribute ( amount) for each mile that you complete of the ACP Walk.”).
I’ll keep a record of your pledge and contact you when I get back with the number that I walked- hopefully, 205 miles) At that point you can send me a check made out to NC WARN noting in the memo line, “ACP Walk”.. I’ll forward the checks on to the fiscal sponsor.
Thanks in advance for your support!
Note: The ACP Walk website is www.2017acpwalk.org. Its Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/2017acpwalk.

And from Steve Norris:

I’m writing to you, my friends and family, to ask you for support for something you may think is crazy.

In March I’m going to join a group of courageous and committed people who are walking parts of the 205 mile route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in eastern North Carolina.  We call this project The Walk to Protect Our Peoples and the Places We Live. 

Why would I do something like this, camping and walking for days along a pipeline route during late winter?
I am doing this because I and many other individuals and organizations are committed to stop this pipeline. If built, the ACP will gravely endanger water, homes and families, farms, schools, and churches close to the pipeline route. It’s also a cornerstone of Duke Energy’s plan to build 12,000 MW of new gas-fired electrical generation in NC. The $5.5 billion, multi-state pipeline project will cross multiple rivers, tear up mountains and national forests, go under and perhaps pollute public water supplies, and harm farmland and wetlands. It will disturb approximately 13,000 acres of land in all; in some places passing very close to homes, and in others cutting productive farmland into smaller parcels that cannot be profitably farmed any more. Duke and Dominion have already started threatening some landowners with eminent domain in order to seize their land. The ACP will bring toxic, dangerous gas from the fracked sacrifice zones of West Virginia into historically Afro-American and indigenous communities of eastern North Carolina. It will exacerbate global warming which just this year contributed to Hurricane Mathew. which caused some of the worst flooding in eastern North Carolina history and to drought and wildfires which ravaged the Appalachian Mountains in the west (70,000 acres burned). And the ACP will lead to even more Duke Energy control of environmental and energy policy in a state where fossil fuels are promoted and renewables are discouraged.

Worse still since some or perhaps even most of the gas from the ACP will be exported to Asia and Europe, this pipeline will be of little if any benefit to the people of North Carolina, but will simply satisfy the greed and profits of already wealthy corporations and individuals.

So, like David who took on Goliath, and to challenge this monstrous project, I’m walking.

Of course, a project like this takes money, both to support the educational work and logistics of the walk itself, and for the larger campaign to stop the pipeline.  So I’m asking friends and family to support me by contributing at least $10, which will pay for one day of my participation in the Walk. Hopefully some of you can support more than one day.. My goal is to raise at least $150 total to pay for the 15 days of the Walk, March 4 to March 19.  (I’d also love to raise more: If we raise more money than we need to pay for the Walk, the money will be used to support the Alliance to Protect the People and Places We Live (APPPL), which is engaged in many other activities than the Walk)

If you want more information about the Walk, or about the pipeline, or about APPPL, please look at our web site, https://2017acpwalk.org/   OR you can contact me directly.

To contribute, please send a check to me, made out to NC WARN, our fiscal agent. Send it to my home address. _______________________________________Or you can make a contribution directly on our website. If you do that please let me know, so  I can thank you personally, and keep track of the money I have raised toward my personal goal.

Thanks very, very much. And also, please consider walking with us for some part or all of the Walk route.

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