So you and some friends would like to hook up with us and walk for a day or even just a few hours? Great! Here’s what you’ll need to know.

First of all, check the daily schedule here and pick a day to join us. On the schedule spreadsheet, look at column F which tells where walkers are camping each night. Important:  look closely and carefully to see where the group stayed the night previous to the day you want to walk. That will tell you where they will begin from on your day.

That camp is where you want to go. Join the walkers at their camp by 8:30am. Your vehicle will be safe and secure there during the day and you will be shuttled by van out to the route with the rest of us. At the conclusion of the day’s walk, our vans will shuttle you back to your car.


If you know that you only want to join the Walk for a few miles (not the entire day), it might be better to meet us along the route itself. Click this link for a route map of our second week. You can drive to the route and have our vans shuttle you to the walk and then later back to your car. Contact for more information.

One other thing. Be sure to check our “last minute updates” page for, uh, some last minute updates should there be any. You can find that page here.

Clear enough? Or maybe clear as mud? If you have any questions, just address them to